A Steering Commitee is a board of advisors whose aim is that of monitoring and adjusting the educational curriculum in order to match learning needs and the offered teaching plan. It provides an overall informative framework on the market labour needs for specific qualified professional figures. Moreover, it makes sure that there is a proper communication between all of the entities that, although external from the academic environment, are fundamental stakeholders when it comes to giving practitioner-oriented and managerial feedback on the students’ acquired skills.

The Steering Committee members are:

Marco De Virgiliis (Mark Bass)

General Manager, Mark Bass

Antonio Fazzari (Fater)

General Director, Fater SpA

Sergio Galbiati (L-Foundry - Fondazione Hubruzzo)

Vice President, L-Foundry | President, Fondazione Hubruzzo

Matteo Lucchi (Eumetra MR, Assirm, Confindustria Intellect)

Ceo, Eumetra MR | President, Assirm | Vice President, Confindustria Intellect

Silvio Maresca (Bluserena SpA)

Sole Administrator, Bluserena SpA

Enrico Marramiero (Marramiero)

CEO, Azienda Marramiero Srl

Gianluca Nardone (SACMI SpA)

HR & Organizaton Director, Sacmi SpA

Giulio Natali (Fater SpA)

HR Director, Fater SpA

Alfonso Orfanelli (Denso Manufacturing Italy, AIDP)

HR and Digital Transformation, Denso Manufacturing | President of the Regional Group (Abruzzi and Molise), AIDP

Marcello Vinciguerra (Honda Italia)

Managing Director, Honda Italia